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Coming from Australia 🇦🇺 originally it was pretty difficult getting a job coming from another country in the Bay Area, however that will be another post, this post is about getting a job in tech when you are already in the Bay Area.

You’ve decided its time for a new role, cool we’ve all been there. I’m going to give you some steps that helped me in getting a new role. (Keep in mind this is focused on frontend roles)

1. Take a look at all your online social / portfolio sites

Make sure your portfolio is up-to-date that is the the most important thing when starting to look for a new job. After that check you GitHub, StackOverflow, Linked In Angel List, Twitter, and Instagram profiles are up-to-date, clean, and ready for work (e.g. make sure all your tweets etc are work friendly)

2. Before you start interviewing or the tech screens

Tech screens are hard! coding something in 1 hour with someone watching you it is stressful and scary, so you need to prepare for this. For my first tech screen many years ago I did not prepare enough and a bad tech screen is depressing. So following some of these steps can help you prepare.

3. Get ready for the first round call with the recruiters

Practice a 90 second spiel about your work history with the first round call the recruiter won’t need to know too much details about your projects, just drop tech words about the stack you use like React, Redux, Webpack etc. Have ready why you want to work for their company to show you have done research etc. Then at the end ask them for what the next steps are.

4. Tech screen time

Remember all the learnings you had from step 2. Make sure you have a good internet connection and in a quiet room. Don’t stress out, you know you can do it. Ask questions if you don’t understand the questions generally the ore questions the better unless its about how to code the problem.

5. Invited to an onsite

Once you’ve passed the tech the company will most likely invite you on a onsite. The onsite is a long process, usually 4 - 5 hours. Generally you’ll meet with all different areas of the company Product, Engineers, CTO, Managers etc. This can change depending on the company. You will most likely have to answer tech questions and do a white boarding session. Be confident and don’t stress out, ask questions when you need to.

When you have finished interviewing, they will ask if you have any questions. Make sure you do… Ask about the company, have a few questions lined up. My fav is ‘what do you love about working here’

6. The offer

If you did well on the onsite the company will make you an offer! Time to celebrate all your hard work paid off.

Always remember

Failure is part of success, you may not pass every tech screen, on site, or even initial phone call. If you fail pick yourself up, keep going and know you will do better on the next one. If you fail 100 times 1 success can make up for all those failures.

Published 6 Sep 2018

G’day mates, I’m Johnny 👋🏻 a frontend engineer from Australia. Working with the awesome team at Stackshare in San Francisco.
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